We’re looking for Lincoln’s next generation of speakers! If you’re aged between 16 and 26 and have a great idea, inspiring story or creative vision for the kind of society you want to live in and want to share it with Lincoln and beyond we want to hear from you!

Over the coming months we’ll be running a series of workshops in schools, universities, colleges and public spaces designed to help you go from idea to application. Keep reading to find out more!

What is OPENx? 

OPENx is our unique auditions and training programme, open to anyone aged 16 to 26 who wants to share their ideas on the TEDxYouth@BrayfordPool stage. We want to hear new voices and discover new ideas from people who may never have thought the TEDx stage was for them.  In fact, we're even putting on a series of public and school's workshops to help you get from idea to application!

If you're shortlisted, we'll work with you to help you shape your idea to be part of our OPENx pitch day where you'll get to deliver a 5 minute pitch to a live audience and our team of coaches and judges.  

If you're selected then our awesome coaching team will help get you and your idea ready for the TEDxYouth@BrayfordPool stage where you'll share your whole idea to a live audience, have it recorded and uploaded to the official TEDx YouTube channel.

Now in it's third year our previous TEDxYouth@BrayfordPool speakers have explored how to reclaim our democratic freedom, fungal resistance, surviving mental health and a world beyond gender to give just a few examples.

What we're looking for

Your talk can be about any topic as long as it’s an original idea or gives a new perspective on a current situation, issue or problem. Share your vision for our city, tell us about the world you want to live in, or showcase an amazing project you’re working on!

Remember, a TED or TEDx talk is an idea worth spreading, so please do not submit ideas that are inaccurate, advertise a specific company or product, or are purely inspirational or motivational talks. Although many TED or TEDx talks are inspirational, it’s always the speaker’s great idea or brilliant new perspective that motivates the audience to make a positive change.

We are eager to consider ideas that:

  • Are radically new

  • Showcase fresh approaches to enduring problems

  • Challenge our conceptions about what’s possible

  • Expose us to cutting-edge research, technology or design

  • Energetically redefine the human experience

We reject ideas that are:

  • Vague or underdeveloped

  • Based on pseudoscience rather than quantifiable and specific data

  • Purely personal or motivational in nature

  • Already ubiquitious

  • Solely about overcoming adversity or obstacles

  • Motivated by or seek to promote corporate, political, or religious agendas



MON 19, WED 21 & FRI 23 AUG

Three awesome workshops designed to help young people aged 16 to 26 get from idea to application for this year's TEDxYouth@BrayfordPool on Monday 11th November 2019. You can come to any workshop that you're interested in or book in for the entire series! You'll also find out more about TED and TEDxYouth@BrayfordPool, and how to get your voice on our stage.


We'll also be offering free workshops to schools, colleges and other educational establishments throughout September ahead of the OPENx pitch day. The school's workshops will be made up of a condensed version of the public workshops and take 3.5 hours. If you're interested in the TEDxYouth@BrayfordPool team visiting your educators then please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page.


Mon 19 Aug | 10am & 2pm

Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln

What gets in the way of being innovative? What blocks us being creative? What can we do to come up with an "idea worth spreading"?

Join Andy and Owen from the TEDxYouth@BrayfordPool team for a fun creative workshop about idea generation; you'll learn how to think outside the box and create new ideas.


Wed 21 Aug | 10am & 2pm

Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln

So you've got a big idea but no idea how to capture it? Are you struggling to get the words to flow on paper? This might be the workshop for you!

Join Charlotte and Chris from the TEDxYouth@BrayfordPool team for a fun creative workshop about how to get your ideas down on paper and script writing.


Fri 23 Aug | 10am & 2pm

Lincoln International Business School, University of Lincoln

Does the thought of getting up on stage and talking to an audience terrify you? Do you LOVE public speaking and want to know how to get better at it? This workshop is for you!


Join Louis and Jakub from the TEDxYouth@BrayfordPool team for a workshop exploring story telling in front of an audience, presentation skills and how to remain calm in the spotlight.



Megan is a biochemist and research student at the University of Lincoln. Her work is based around antifungals and plants as sources of novel pharmaceuticals. She haa a keen interest in making science more accessible to the public and believes that everyone should have an opportunity to explore the science around them. In the future, she hopes to do a PhD and go on to research and lecturing.

Watch her talk "We're all doomed! Wash your hands" from TEDxYouth@BrayfordPool 2018: State of Flux