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Core Team

Every single member of our team is an unpaid volunteer. We donate our time freely because we believe in ideas worth spreading and the remarkable place we live in. 


Andy is a human-centred designer and Team Academy team coach. He is passionate about building better communities through impact and innovation-driven social change.

As an advocate for collaborative partnerships, he believes TEDxBrayfordPool is the perfect opportunity to work together to change our locality.


Owen is a Business (Team Entrepreneurship) graduate from Bishop Grosseteste University in Lincoln. 

Having spoken at TEDxYouth@BrayfordPool in 2018 Owen joined TEDxBrayfordPoolSalon team as a facilitator and the TEDxYouth@BrayfordPool curation team.


Kieran is an avid fan of TED Talks and has been instrumental in making TEDx happen in Lincoln. He ensures the smooth operation of live speaker stages and heads up the production team.


He currently works as a freelance audio engineer and tour manager within the live events industry.


Caleb is a technical event manager for Encore EMEA working across the UK to deliver corporate and creative events.

He joined the TEDxBrayford Pool team as a college student in 2018 and we've been proud to watch him grow and thrive.


Cai, also known as Carine, joined the team in 2021 as our Marketing Manager having been a speaker in 2019 and now leads the delivery of our flagship annual event. 

She is an MSc Event Management graduate based in Lincoln who specialises in digital and traditional marketing.  Carine is also an incredible dancer specialising in Hip-hop, Jazzfunk, Waacking and contemporary. 

Coraline (They/Them) joined the team as an event manager in 2022 having recently graduated from the University of Lincoln's Technical Theatre and Stage Management programme. They are now the senior event manager responsible for all of our TEDx Salon events.

They are passionate about creating diverse and inclusive events and activities for all.


Sarah is a Lincoln-based singer-songwriter whose style is quite candid and autobiographical, which she hopes makes her music relatable.

Having performers on our stage in 2019 she joined the team as our Performer Curator & Coach to help bring forward the next wave of local talent. She's also part of our salon facilitation team. 


Katy is an accomplished conference speaker and coach who now shares her vast experience of working with Global brands. Her expertise is in training public speaking and advanced presentation skills, including non-verbal patterns of communication and transforming stage presence.

As a TEDxBrayford Pool early adopter, we're delighted that she continues to support our growth.


Rich has a unique ability to share insights based on his lived experience of standing on stages all over the world, engaging the audiences he speaks to from some of the world's largest businesses with warmth, charisma and poise.

As one of our inaugural speakers, we're thrilled that Rich continues to help us develop the platform.


Following the success of Project Fashion Fixed and her 2022 TEDx Talk based upon the idea of building community in unlikely places, Kerry joins the team to help us build our own community of ideas. 


Early TEDxBrayford Pool adopter Chris has been with the team since our inaugural year. During this time he's been a TEDx Youth host and co-curator, and TEDx Salon facilitator.


After graduating from university and leaving the team just before the pandemic he has returned to the team as a TEDx Salon facilitator.


Creative educator, social entrepreneur, chef and food writer shared her idea worth spreading in 2022. She's enjoyed it so much that she joined the team to look after our ever-growing network of speaker and performer alumni. 


Beth joined the team as an alumnus in 2021.  She is a curator and producer with over ten years of experience working within arts institutions. She has a special interest in supporting and exploring women working in art and technology.  She's one half of the innovative, collaborative arts partnership, Brew Projects, who create exhibitions and experiences. 


Laura joined the team as an alumnus speaker in 2021. She is an artist as well as a producer. Her creative practice has been varied, from exhibition curator to craft maker, project producer to game designer. She's one half of the innovative, collaborative arts partnership, Brew Projects, who create exhibitions and experiences.



Sue joined the team after becoming a speaker in 2018. She is an award-winning business leader, human capital innovation consultant and chair of senior executive forums. With an impressive track record working internationally for some of the world's leading corporations, Sue helps board-level decision-makers to successfully shift their thinking, develop themselves and grow their organisations.


A modern-day medicine woman, writer and storyteller, Tanya uses her skills to help communities better understand themselves and each other. She's a 2019 alumni who joined the team to help develop our 2021 TEDx Youth event. She specialises in helping speakers talk with intimacy and vulnerability. 


Lisa is a 2019 alumni and joined the team in 2021 to support the development of our TEDx Youth event. Lisa specialises in working with teenagers supporting mental health problems, vulnerable young people, high achievers with autism and high achievers from severely deprived backgrounds. She brings a fresh voice and awareness to the coaching team. 


Stephen’s passion for photography started over a decade ago and since then he has immersed himself in it completely. He runs his own fashion and portraiture business and lectures on Lincoln College’s Level 3 Photography course.


An avid TED fan he joined our team in 2018 as our portrait photographer.


2018  alumni Jacob is an artist, a sociologist and a physiotherapist who thrives in helping others explore their curiosity and philosophy.


Having been a TEDx Youth speaker coach in 2018 and 2019 he now helps to develop and facilitate opportunities to turn ideas into actions within our TEDx Salon series.

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