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Become a Wizard

Our volunteer wizards truly make the magic happen at our TEDxBrayfordPool events. Whether helping behind the scenes or front of house our wizards are an essential part of what makes TEDxBrayfordPool great. Without them we couldn't create magic, memorable events that showcase "ideas worth spreading" from Lincoln to the world. 

By becoming a wizard you can make a big difference:

There are a variety of different opportunities to volunteer at TEDxBrayfordPool throughout the year and we'll do our best to match them to your skills and interests. You'll be joining a team who share our vision to put Lincoln on the map as a centre for knowledge and ideas. We hope you'll come back year on year to help us build a real community of dedicated like-minded doers.

Why join?

As one of our wizards you'll get: 

  • Free access to all the events you volunteer at, including our annual TEDxBrayfordPool event as well as access to our TEDxBrayfordPoolSalon series.

  • Not only will you get to peek behind the curtains, you’ll be part of the team making things happen backstage.

  • Opportunity to connect with like-minded souls at our socials and through our online community, where we share news, unique opportunities and ideas.

What we're looking for:

We’re looking for enthusiastic, committed and hard-working individuals who live their values and want to be part of a team spreading bold ideas.

What's the time commitment?

It varies depending on what you're interested in doing. However, you’ll need to be available to volunteer for at least one of our events and (at least) the evening before:

In the lead up to the event, there will be mandatory training and we ask that you make time for this, which will be held in the evening.

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