Over the past few years there has been an increasing spotlight on the city of Lincoln. It is fast becoming a cultural hub while maintaining strong links to its heritage - it’s the birthplace of mathematician George Boole, the tank and, during the First World War was one of the largest producers of aeroplanes in the country. It’s a city of academic success across a variety of fronts including teacher training, biochemistry and engineering. It’s the perfect place to generate ideas worth spreading via TEDx, and last two year we proved it!



Now in our third year TEDxBrayfordPool and TEDxYouth@BrayfordPool bring national and global attention to Lincoln. These two annual events highlight the best ideas and innovations that the people of Lincoln have to their community and beyond.

TEDxBrayfordPool gives an opportunity for business and community leaders, academics, and innovators to showcase their ideas in unique environment that isn’t available anywhere else in the city. TEDxYouth@BrayfordPool is organised by young people, for young people, and is a place for pioneers, free thinkers, and doers to champion the things that matter to them.


With the addition of the TEDxBrayfordPoolSalon programme - unique, intimate gatherings that spark discussion co-curated by the wider community - this year becoming a sponsor definitely places your organisation and your team at the heart of a movement of purpose-driven thinkers and doers who are creating a strong platform for wider impact driven collaboration in Lincoln.


You will be central in bringing together a truly diverse, engaged and interested audience for a unique and impact led experience which will alter the way many of these people approach the world in the future. Don't just take our word for it, see what some of our sponsors and audience members thought below:


"TEDx is an incredible opportunity to share ideas & is a platform to develop collaboration, community and connections with others. TEDxBrayfordPool was a vital step for Lincoln to take in celebrating those three elements."


~ TEDxBrayfordPool 2017 Audience Member

Key facts:

by becoming a partner, you can:

  • Associate your brand with a powerful worldwide brand and movement.

  • Meet the most diverse group of people you’ll ever attend an event with and reach true decision makers (over 45% of TEDx audiences are senior manager level and above).

  • Showcase your innovative products and solutions to an engaged audience.

  • Have your logo prominently displayed before or after each talk that’s uploaded to the TEDxTalks website.