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Why you should volunteer for TEDxBrayford Pool.

TEDxBrayford Pool has community at its heart. Every single member of our team is an unpaid volunteer, from our curator and licensee right the way through to our incredible event team. We donate our time freely because we believe in the power of ideas worth spreading and the remarkable place we live in.

Volunteering with TEDxBrayford Pool can be a deeply rewarding experience. By joining the team, you get to help bring innovative ideas to life, connect with a community of thinkers, innovators and doers, and enjoy personal and professional growth. In case that's not enough, here's why you should consider volunteering for TEDxBrayford Pool and the benefits you can expect from this exciting adventure.

Contribute to a Bigger Cause

TEDx events worldwide are centred around "ideas worth spreading." By volunteering, you become part of a mission to inspire change and foster innovation in your community. Your work helps create a platform for thought-provoking talks that can ignite conversations and drive positive action. There's immense satisfaction in knowing you've played a role in sharing impactful ideas.

Gain New Skills

Volunteering at a TEDxBrayford Pool event offers a chance to learn and enhance a wide range of skills. Whether you're involved in event planning, marketing, or technical support, you'll gain practical experience that's highly valuable. These skills are transferable to many areas of life and can boost your resume and career prospects - and you'll even get a certificate to say thank you and show the skills you've learned.

Expand Your Network

One of the best parts of volunteering is the opportunity to meet a diverse array of people. You'll connect with speakers, organisers, attendees, sponsors and fellow volunteers, each bringing unique perspectives and experiences. These connections can lead to lasting friendships, professional opportunities, and valuable mentorships. Engaging with people who share your enthusiasm for learning and innovation can be incredibly enriching.

Build Confidence

Participating in a TEDxBrayford Pool event can significantly boost your confidence. You'll take on responsibilities, solve problems, and see the direct impact of your efforts. Whether you're managing guest registrations or coordinating backstage activities, each task you accomplish will enhance your self-confidence and provide a sense of achievement.

Inspire and Be Inspired

At TEDxBrayford Pool events, inspiration flows both ways. As a volunteer, you'll have access to all the talks and performances, getting a front-row seat to incredible stories of creativity, resilience, and innovation. Knowing that your contribution helps others access this inspiration is profoundly fulfilling. It's a cycle of positivity that benefits everyone involved.

Give Back to Your Community

Volunteering is a powerful way to give back. By volunteering with TEDxBrayford Pool, you, support an initiative that enriches the cultural and intellectual fabric of your community. It's a chance to make a meaningful impact, helping create an event that educates, entertains, and inspires your neighbours, and turn ideas into actions!

Enjoy Unique Perks

Let's not forget the fun aspects! Volunteering for a TEDxBrayford Pool event comes with perks like free admission, behind-the-scenes access and even lunch. Experiencing the event from an insider's perspective adds a unique and exciting dimension to the experience. Plus you get to hang out with some really cool people!

Final Thoughts

Volunteering for TEDxBrayford Pool events is an excellent way to grow personally and professionally while contributing to your community. It's an opportunity to learn new skills, meet fascinating people, and be inspired by groundbreaking ideas. If you're looking for a meaningful and enriching way to spend your time head to our volunteer page for the available opportunities. You might just find it to be a truly transformative experience.

And for those of you who already DO give your time to TEDxBrayford Pool; THANK YOU from the very bottom of our hearts! We couldn't do it without you!



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