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Image by Osarugue Igbinoba


Joining forces with our three incredible Experience Partners, Branston Ltd, Newland Partners and Social Change UK we’re launching our inaugural short film contest.


We’re looking for proposals for (very) short films, to be produced especially for TEDxBrayfordPool and screened at our flagship event on Saturday 3rd September at The Engine Shed, Lincoln. We’re offering three £500 prizes for the selected filmmakers. 

TEDxBrayfordPool is the leading East Midlands platform for Ideas Worth Spreading. We offer the ideal forum to screen your film to a large and very appreciative audience. We are thrilled to be returning to an in-person flagship event this year, which will take place in Lincoln in September 2022 

The brief: 

We’re looking for short films that capture the vibrant and diverse communities of Lincoln and Lincolnshire while connecting to our event theme: Brave New World.


“This year as we gather again in person to celebrate ideas worth spreading, we look towards a new era of building the community we want to be part of. Despite the challenges we've lived through, and continue to live through, this Brave New World is an uncharted territory full of opportunities that we couldn't have imagined. From sustainable food systems to the power of community, Lincoln is leading the way in making the world a more remarkable place.”


We are looking for films that offer unique and interesting perspectives by way of the form they take, a subject they tackle or a concept they explore. Films that are designed to fit this micro-sized format, rather than being squeezed into it. Think BIG but keep it short. We’re open to documentary, experimental, animation, comedy, drama and any other ideas you might have.


The rules: 

  • Films must be a maximum of 5 minutes’ duration.

  • The film should in high quality (HD)

  • The film must be prepared by the contestant, and the contestant bears full responsibility for its intellectual property content.

  • Chosen proposals must submit their completed film before receiving the cash prize.

Brief + Rules

WED 10 AUGUST 2022 





Q: Tell me more about TEDxBrayfordPool’s film program?

TEDxBrayfordPool’s film programme is about showcasing the best of our community. Films are made especially for the TEDxBrayfordPool audience and are premiered during the event. Short but poignant, the films offer a chance for the audience to take pause, offering moments of reflection, intrigue, laughter and delight within the TEDxBrayfordPool programme.


Q: When will selections be announced?

Mid August 2022


Q: When will my film be screened?

TEDxBrayfordPool Main Event will take place on Saturday 3rd September. Full event details at


Q: Do the films need to adhere to the theme?

Film proposals can be as closely or as loosely related to the theme as the filmmakers wish – it’s up for interpretation. All we ask is that whatever is proposed, it sparks our imaginations / provokes us / makes us laugh or think/delights us. In other words, it’s an idea worth sharing. 


Q: Does my film have to premiere at TEDxBrayfordPool 2022

Yes. We prefer all works to have their world premiere at the event, but we would still love you to contact us if you have something that is already made that suits.


Q: Does my film have to be created exclusively for TEDxBrayfordPool 2022?

Not necessarily. If you have already created a work that you would like to submit we would be happy to look at it.


Q: What about genre and duration?

Your film can be described as any genre, from comedy to conceptual art, drama to dramatically different. Don’t be limited by traditional forms of filmmaking – so long as it is designed to be played on screen it fits the bill.  Duration: under 5 minutes. 


Q: What are the technical requirements for the films?

Your films must be able to be projected large scale. More tech specs will be provided if your proposal is selected.


Q: What’s in it for the filmmaker(s) if selected for TEDxBrayfordPool 2022?

  • Lincolnshire premiere of your short film at the flagship TEDxBrayfordPool 2022 event, in front of an engaged in-person and online audience. 

  • 2 complimentary tickets to TEDxBrayfordPool 2022.

  • A dedicated mention in the TEDxBrayfordPool 2022 programme including a filmmaker credit.

  • Your film will be placed on the TEDxBrayfordPool website and our YouTube channel and promoted via TEDxBrayfordPool.

  • £500.00 cash.


Q: Can I submit more than one proposal?

Yes, absolutely. You are welcome to submit up to 3 proposals.

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