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TEDxBrayford Pool 2022 
Audience Feedback

TEDxBrayford Pool 2022 was epic and I loved every second!










Our 2023 Timeline

TEDxBrayford Pool Youth 2022 
Audience Feedback

So much space to explore ideas, discuss and collaborate with each other.

Our Salon Events

TEDxBrayford Pool Salon events are unique, intimate gatherings that spark discussion on issues of interest to the local community. 


Salon events around the world range anywhere from dinner party settings to mini-TEDx conference events, and anything in between. Unlike speaker-led events salons focus on single topics. 

Since introducing salon events into our series in 2018, we’ve explored everything from procrastination and education to suicide and the search for intelligent life in the universe.

This year, based on the success of our 2022 series of salons, we’ll be focusing on the topics of Our City, Our Community and Our Environment. These salon events will take place on Saturdays during May, June and July in venues around the city.

  • Our City will focus on the city centre and explore concepts around Doughnut Economics, urban regeneration and what it means to be a 21st Century city.

  • Our Community will explore citizenship, democracy, community empowerment and how to affect social change.

  • Our Environment will look at ways that we can take ownership of our own environmental impact and make better choices to tackle climate change. 


The jewel in our crown, our flagship TEDxBrayford Pool event is a multi-discipline multi-topic celebration of new ideas.  


Building on the success of our post-pandemic return to in-person events in 2022, we have been granted our Summit license from TED. This allows us to create a two-day flagship event speaker programme. 

With an expanded audience and speaker & performer capacity, we will be able to curate an extravaganza of ideas worth spreading cementing our place at the East Midlands leading TEDx series.

Having secured our Summit license, we’ve decided not to run TEDxBrayford Pool Youth and TEDxBrayford Pool Women events in 2023. We believe that every single speaker who has spoken at these events in the past should absolutely have been part of our flagship programme; our Summit license finally gives us the capacity and opportunity to offer speakers who would have applied for those events their rightful chance at the main stage! 

We plan to offer four speaker & performer sessions across the 14th and 15th October 2023. Each session will be immediately followed with a TEDx Adventure opportunity designed to turn the ideas that the audience have just heard into actions through hands-on workshops, tours and discussions.

Our Flagship Event

Chief Constable (Retired) Bill Skelly
Lincolnshire Police
Partner feedback 2018