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In Digital Discussion with Maisie Thomson-Whitehouse

Diligent, passionate and a changemaker: Maisie Thomson-Whitehouse will go down in history for being someone who fought vigorously for whatever she believed in...

Maisie joined the TEDxBrayfordPool stage in November 2019, at our Youth event, talking about how she has campaigned for change in her community on issues that matter to her. Despite being one of the youngest to grace our stage at 16, Maisie has already racked up a number of achievements, including: running a successful campaign to keep her local library open, acting as a Marketing and Admin Assistant for People First Education and running an ongoing campaign to give Katherine Swynford her own Blue Plaque.

She sits across from me at the digital 200 Degrees Café, slightly on edge due to being out in the wide world but the digital coffee soothes her.

“Hello Maisie, who are you?”

“My name is Maisie and I'm 16 years old. I love reading and expanding my knowledge, particularly through books. I am currently running a Twitter campaign for a Blue Plaque for Katherine Swynford and before that I campaigned to keep local libraries open.”

What would you say first inspired you to give a TEDx Talk?

“It was the ideal platform to spread my Katherine Swynford Blue Plaque Campaign and promote the idea that reading is truly powerful.”

”Okay quick fire! Three words to sum up the TEDx experience?”

“Powerful, elated, successful.”

“Favourite TEDx Talk?”

“The most memorable TEDx Talk I have seen is 'From Disability to Superpower' by Andrew Whitehouse because it's delivered by my Dad.”

I smile softly.

“That’s very sweet! Favourite book?”

“The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes was the first 'proper' book I read at the age of five and I loved it. It absolutely inspired me to read as many books as I could possibly get my hands on. Around five years ago, I read The Scandalous Duchess which is a novel by Anne O'Brien about the life of Katherine Swynford; this book was my inspiration for my current Katherine Swynford Blue Plaque Campaign.”

“Thank you for joining me today Maisie!”

She digitally blushes but does not say anything as this isn’t a real interview.

You can watch Maisie Thomson-Whitehouse's talk here.


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